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Accessible Device Feb 11, 2021

This post would not be possible without the generous donation from Platypod. So thank you very much to the people at the Platypod company.

Over the Christmas holidays, I spent some time thinking of different ways a person with dexterity challenges could use a camera. Now, I realize that everyone's situation is different. So, that means that no matter what type of device you may purchase and need, a little tweaking may be required.

For a person that uses a wheelchair, some devices can be mounted to the arm or side of the chair. But, what if you are not able to mount it to the chair, or perhaps you can’t handle the camera on a camera mount? Like I said, everyone's situation is different. I have come up with one idea that might work for some. Indoors, it can be used on a table; or if you’re outdoors, on a patio table or picnic table. Some of you may have read one of my previous posts about how you can use a cellphone or a tablet to control a camera. Well, with this device, a cellphone or tablet will come in handy.

The device I’m referring to is called The Platypod. It’s a tripod that has many different ways of being utilized when it comes to photography and making videos. From the accessibility perspective, I find it very versatile. Here is a piece of equipment that was not intended to be an accessibility device, but it is in more ways than you can ever imagine. I’ve always believed that anything can be adapted to serve anything you might need.

There are two different Platypods: Max and Ultra. In this setup, I used two of the Platypod Max. I want to show how easy it would be to take pictures without having to handle the camera completely. With it mounted on this type of tripod, you are freeing up your hands to concentrate on focusing, whether you use only one hand or both. Keep in mind that there are so many variations of using the Platypod, and that it’s up to you how you use it and make modifications to your liking.


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