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Loupedeck+ Plus Photo and Video Editing Console

Loupedeck +, July 17, 2020
This is an image of the Loupedeck+ Plus Photo and Video Editing Console. It looks like a computer keyboard but with dials and buttons.

So you may be asking yourself, what is a Loupedeck editing console? Well, it’s a keyboard for editing photo’s in programs like Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop. It gives you more control of how you want your photos to look like. So why do I choose to use it? It’s quite simple and if you think about my reasoning, you will realize it has nothing to do with having a disability. When you use your computer mouse to edit your pictures, you have to have a steady hand to slide the setting options. With Loupedeck it's just the matter of turning a few dials and moving a few slider controls, and many other options that the editing console comes with.