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How do I hold a Camera (Part 2)

How do you hold a Camera, Aug 20, 2020
What I did here is Connected two grips together. I took a 3/8 shaft and connected the two 3/8 holes together, making the grip a lot longer. Now it's 11 inches long now.

So as you can see in the above picture. What I did was connect two grips together. Because there is a 3/8th hole at one end and a 1.4 screw at the other. I first thought of getting a reducer to put in the 3/8 hole so it would except a 1/4 screw. But then realized it would make a the conncetion weak.

This is a close up of the two grips connected together.

So what we decided was to connect both 3/8 ends together. We took a 3/8 bolt and cut off the head and ended up with a 2 and a half inch long shaft with threads. It gave it more strength.

This is an image of me holding my camera with the longer version of the grip. Now I'm standing straighter and a lot easier on the neck and back.

The end result as you can see is. I'm standing much more straighter and more control of the camera. Keep one thing in mind. I do have a remote shutter button I can use if I want, and stand even more straighter.