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How do I hold a Camera (Part 1)

How do you hold a Camera, Aug 20, 2020
An photo of a hand grip that screws to the bottom of a camera 

A close up of the hand grip. this end of it has a 1/4 inch screw. 

I realized that no matter what model of camera I was going to get. It was going to have to have a pullout viewer because I can not hold the camera up enough for me to be able to look through the viewer, so I thought. The camera I picked was the Panasonic Lumix FZ300 bridge camera. The first thing that attracted me to this one was. I did not have to worry about changing the lens, the reason for that was the lens is permanently mounted to the camera.

In this picture I am holding my camera with out hand grip, looking at the pull out viewer. So I have to look down at the viewer. this makes it hard on the neck. 

After using the camera the way you see me using it in the above picture, I discovered something new, a camera grip. I figured with the camera grip. I would be able to hold the camera up a little higher and be able to look out the viewer.

In this picture I have the grip conneccted to the bottom of the camera. Now I can look out the actual viewer. The problem with this is.I have to bend my neck a lot, making it very uncomfortable. 

As you can see in the second picture. For the most, it worked pretty well. Then I started to think about what if I could get the camera a little higher, it would be less strain on the neck. So as of now, we're just using the one camera grip. But were in the process of adding a second grip the existing one, and we will have a follow up on this soon.

This picture shows the grip and an inset picture of the grip mounted to a camera.