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Pixel Wireless Shutter Release Cable Timer Remote Control

Pixel Wireless Shutter Release Cable Timer Remote Control Oct 19, 2020
Pixel Wireless Shutter Release Cable Timer Remote Control

I found this very helpful because of the many different tasks it could perform. The more you can do with the remote, the less you have to change on the camera it self. When picking out your Pixel. You have to keep in mind you need to select the one that is right for your camera. For myself I have the Pixel TW-283. The reason for that is because. They come with different connectors. Below is a list of what camera the Pixel TW-283 will work on. I have also added a link to amazon, where you can order and select the right one for your camera.

•Compatible models: Nikon Z7, Z6, Z5, Df D5600 D3100 D3200 D3300 D5000 D5100 D5200 D5300 D5500 D90 D7000 D7100 D7200 D600 D610 D750 Coolpix P7700 P7800 Coolpix A.(NOTE: The D3400 camera is not supported)

•It features no directionality,80M+ remote distance, and ultra-powerful anti-interference ability. With 30 channels for options, it can avoid interference caused by other similar devices. Using international 2.4G transmission's stable and quick in response to shutter.

•When capturing the beautiful moments of sunrise and sunset and flowers bloom and fade, you don't need to wait for the whole time. You can set delay timer, exposure time, interval time, number of shoots, repeat shooting interval time, and repeat times.

•Available to control different brand's cameras and models by changing different camera connecting cable. The transmitter and receiver adopt an LCD screen which is more easy and simple to handle.

•TW-283 supports simple single shooting, 1S continuous shooting, [ BULB ] shooting, delay shooting, and timer schedule shooting. Delay Shooting Setting can set delay time and shooting number, the delay time alters from 1s to 59s, shooting number alters from 1 to 99. Timer Schedule shooting time can be set from 0 sec to 99hrs59mins59sec. The shooting number can be set from 1 to 99.

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