Early Exposure To The Medical System

Most peoples' memories of their childhood are centered around their home and family. These early experiences have a direct influence on our lives. While most remember running around and playing, Louis' memories are centered around his hospital life because he spent almost 90 % of his childhood and adolescent years in the hospital, his second home. His experiences early on made him grow up quickly. His insight and life-long experiences makes him a valuable candidate to address medical professionals, community service providers, and educators.


Farm Life Challenges

In this presentation, Louis will share with you the skills he acquired while growing up and living in a small village on the family farm for 24 years. Every life has its challenges to meet the everyday physical, emotional, and social needs. Louis will describe the adaptations that assisted him in successfully living in a farming environment and learning the necessary skills to succeed. Living on a farm provides opportunities to develop many life long skills and character traits, such as perseverance, dedication, and adaptability. Louis will discuss his challenges and successes.


I See You Watching

One of the first obstacles Louis experiences in a social setting is his physical disability. Louis has experienced people from all walks of life. The reactions of people vary from interested to amazed and from scared to intolerant. Through experiencing all these reactions, Louis is able to adapt quickly to any situation. When presenting to young children, Louis will take the time to answer their questions from the mundane to the most embarrassing questions in a professional manner. Louis's approachable personality makes him a great candidate to explore the issues of integration and accommodation.


Customized Presentations

Louis captivates his audiences with his humour and inspirational stories during his presentations. Depending on your group's objectives, Louis can customize a presentation to reflect your needs, audience, and event. Louis can provide an effective presentation that will address sensitive issues in a humourous, real life way.