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Outdoor Camera Mount

Outdoor Camera Mount February 22, 2023

In my last post I talked about wheelchair camera mounts, and how costly it can be to have custom made things. As Emily Quattrocchi shows in her video, there was nothing custom about her wheelchair camera mount. She put together something amazingly simple with existing camera accessories that you can purchase online, and she explained it in detail how she assembled it. Why I say she explains it in detail is because I have come across videos that show you the final adaptation but with no explanation.

For myself, I am always looking for something simple and easier for me to accomplish my task at hand. Something that only takes minutes to setup. Sure, I can setup a tripod. But sometimes I just want to take a couple quick shots out in my backyard of something. So, I took Emily Quattrocchi wheelchair mount idea and made one change. Instead of a monopod, I took a SmallRig Selection camera desk mount, which has a clamp at the bottom.

For myself I mounted it to a wooden lawn chair in my backyard. I can sit or stand and take pictures. If I am going to a park, I can even clamp it to a picnic table. It can go from thirteen inches to thirty-five inches long. For a tripod head, I use the same as Emily Quattrocchi, the Neewer Video Camera Tripod Fluid Drag Pan Head.

I find that this setup would be helpful for someone that has mobility issues and may not be able to stand for long periods of time. This is another perfect example that not all things need to be built from scratch.

SmallRig Selection Camera Desk Mount (Amazon Canada)

Neewer Video Camera Tripod Fluid Drag Pan Head for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR Cameras Camcorder Shooting Filming, Load up To 8.8Ibs/4 Kilograms(Amazon Canada)

lawnchair with mount
lawnchair with mount
lawnchair with mount