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Lou Gaudry, July 20, 2020
Louis Gaudry holding his camera facing right.

I’ve always had an interest in photography as long as I can remember. I remember taking photography in high school when there were no digital cameras, just film cameras. I always thought it was cool that you could develop pictures to see the results on photo paper. As I got older, I had an interest in Web designing. So, I took a course at Red River College. In that course, one of the classes was digital photography. I learned a lot, but there was still one problem. I could not handle the camera. The reason for that was that I could not hold the camera up high enough for me to look in the viewer. I tried using tripods, but they didn't work well for the pictures that I wanted to take.

In 2017, I made a new friend on social media by the name of Trish Jackson in Australia. She is a Thalidomider, just like me, who understands the challenges and struggles when it comes to figuring out how to handle a camera. With camera technology, the one thing they did that made it easier for me, and probably for my friend Trish, was the flip-out viewer. Things were starting to look up.

A Great Camera Strap Come and Gone

A Great Camera Strap Come and Gone, Aug 28, 2020

Often we think that when a product is produced, it serves on purpose, and one purpose only. What we sometimes don’t realize is. That some products end up becoming an accessible device for someone else.

Let me give you an example. Three years ago I purchased a camera strap, the one you see below, it’s called the Pacsafe Camsafe 75 neck strap. My reasoning for purchasing it was. I have a hard time flipping a camera strap over my head. With this particular one, it has wiring inside the strap and covered in foam. That makes it more rigid and I’m able to pull it over my head.

So besides telling you how great this strap is. What other reason do I have to share this with you? Well, the company has stopped making them. It’s kind of sad in a way because. They have a great product that helps people and doesn’t even realize it. Oh you can still buy it. But try and find it.

image of Pacsafe Camsafe 75 neck strap