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Trish Jackson - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia  Facebook

I was born in 1962, I am a Thalidomide survivor.The drug Thalidomide caused serious damage to my body. How did the drug affect me? For starters, I have no arms, I have three little fingers attached to a little hand that basically comes out of the side of my shoulders. There was also heaps of internal damage done to my heart and lungs which has resulted in numerous open-heart operations, and I still have more in the pipeline.

Bryan York - Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States Website

When I was three and a half, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given little chance of survival. By the grace of God, I was healed. Most recently that story expanded. After we moved to Colorado in early 2015, I was hospitalized. To our surprise, we learned that I had suffered from a minor stroke at the age of 28. Little did I know I would be spending the next several years giving my best and trying to recover from the effects of the stroke. I am still fighting the good fight in my recovery and look at each day as a blessing. I faithfully share what God had done in my life with those who make time to listen. Truly, none of us know how much time we have in this life. We have to live each moment to the fullest and value the time we are given. I see each moment and encounter with my subject(s) as a blessing and chance to leave an impression on their lives. What kind of impression will you leave?